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Do you have or think you may have a problem with mold in your home????

There are 100,000 different types of molds and some are toxic and can make you sick. Attics and basements are common areas where mold grows. But it can grow anywhere in the right conditions it needs for it to grow. 

Why do you need a Mold Assessor?

Article 32 of the New York State Labor Law requires that a mold assessment be completed by a NYS licensed mold assessor prior to mold remediation work. When hiring someone in New York State to remediate mold growth or water damage, it cannot be the same company that assessed your mold. The remediation company must follow the remediation work plan, remove and or clean any area that is outlined in the plan by the Mold Assessor.

What does a Mold Assessor do? 

As a Mold Assessor I will come in and assess your home by doing a visual inspection. If needed I will take samples to be tested at a certified lab. I will look for the source of what is causing the mold, then write up a plan for the mold to be removed by a Mold Remediation company of your choosing. In the plan it will outline the area’s that are affected along with the square footage of the mold problem and how the mold remediation project should be completed. If the source of the mold issue is found it will have recommendations on how to correct the problem. Once the remediation is completed a post remediation assessment is done to ensure the job has been completed successfully and correctly.


How do I schedule a Mold Assessment to be done?

It’s easy! Just call or email me!

Linnea Muller (Lic. # 01648) 

Phone #: (585) 752-6715


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